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05-25-2010, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Yzerman has been the VP of Hockey Operations in Detroit, a wildly successful franchise with a great GM. He's been the GM of WC-winning teams and a Gold Medal-winning team in international competition. Those are significant managerial accomplishments, and he's learned from great managerial minds. Mess? I don't know, not as much.

I'm not saying that Mess will do poorly and Yzerman will succeed. But I think Yzerman is more accomplished and has been associated with more success, and right now, is actually deserving of a GM position.
But - did he deserve the VP position two or three months after he retired and accomplished nothing from a managerial standpoint? I'm not really sold on the 2007 IIHC WC meaning all that much - it's an all-star team that won. Big whoop.

If Mess (instead of Stevie Y) were appointed to VP of a team with a successful GM, like Holland, then what accomplishments would've been his exactly? Isn't that hard to judge?

I'm not really sold on the experience thing. A guy that's been around hockey for 40+ years and is generally regarded as one of the best leaders the sport has ever seen has to have a decent chance to be a decent GM. Could he do a lot worse than Sather? I don't think Yzerman has extensive experience at an NHL level either - but his track record as a player and team leader is equally (if not more) important to whatever he's done since the summer of '06 to earn a position with the TB Lightning.

I'm not even advocating him for the position but I also don't think it's a fault of his that Sather happens to run the Rangers and the two are close. I think the "GM experience" argument is a bit less relevant to a guy that's been around the sport for 40+ years. Yzerman proves that, too.

Don Maloney retired in '91 and was a GM in '92.
Nieuwendyk retired in '07 and was a GM in '09 (was a "special assistant" first, too)
Garth Snow retired in '06 and was hired as a GM in '06

It's not unheard of. I don't think any of us really knows whether or not Messier will be any good at this except for the people "in the circle".

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