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05-25-2010, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Some people just make me laugh. I bet if you were GM, the flyers would of already won the cup by now, we would have the worlds best prospects in the AHL, and the current team would all be under 21 and superstars.
People that start off their posts with hyperbolic ravings make me laugh.

I just wish people would pull their heads out of their *****. The Pronger trade was certainly not a make or break trade. We dealt lupul ( an underacheiving winger) and signed lappy a fan favourite warrior, we lost sbisa, but gained one of the greatest defensemen of our time, and we lost two first round picks. Boo ****ing who.
The Pronger trade... was the definition of a make or break trade. They sold out for a middle-30s defenseman on the backside of his career. They literally do not get any more make or break than that deal.

We are in the finals of the stanley cup. Let me ask you something, what would you prefere.

The greatest chance at the stanley cup the team has seen for almost 15 years, and two years filled with cap problems,

or a team without pronger, which probably would not of made the playoffs, and the same cap problems every single team in the league faces if it wants to compete.

Argh, some people
I want to win a Cup... not have a chance at a Cup. And it will be fantastic if we can win this series... but that doesn't mean Holmgren doesn't have liabilities that handicap this team going forward.

For example, Michael Leighton is pure ****ing dumb luck for Holmgren. If he hadn't of worked out, how awesome do you think Holmgren is today? Hell, this entire playoff run has enjoyed some extremely good luck... from drawing the Devs in the first round, to the Habs taking out both the Caps and Pens... to getting the worst offensive team in the NHL in the 2nd round.

Luck is great... and you need some of it here and there in the playoffs. But the problem with luck? It ain't something you can replicate on command... whereas smart management is something you can replicate.

Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
The Eminger/27th pick trade was absolutely awful...however, moving Eminger and Downie for Carle has worked out just fine.
Carle has worked out fine this year... whilst paired with Pronger. Wasn't a fan of his play last year... at all.

Hey, this is a good point. Because, think about it...if the Flyers don't win the Cup this year, but then win it the next 3 years, that trade is a clear loss.
Nah, they have the entire tenure of Pronger's stay here to get it done... but the Pronger deal was ENTIRELY about putting this team over the hump. Not about reaching the finals, but winning a Cup.

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