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05-25-2010, 03:20 PM
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Skate advice needed: Vapor XXXX vs X:40

I took a shot off my old Vapors XXIX and now they are done for. The boot cracked and no longer provides enough support when i push off.

I loved those skates and decided to go with the same skates again. Unfortunately, they're discontinued (?) and hard to find. I was able to track down a pair of Vapor XXXX instead, which i don't mind since it's practically the same skate.

What i'm wondering now is, should i go with the Vapor XXXX? or get the X:40's instead?

At the same price, which skate is the better purchase?

I'm always hearing how the XXXX are REALLY stiff. With my old XXIX i found them perfect for the first year, but later on after a bunch of games, i felt they weren't as stiff as they used to be and that they weren't providing enough support. So i'm assuming the stiffness of the vapor XXXX will be a good thing for me.

Also, the tongue on the XXXX is very hard, will it break in eventually and be more comfortable?

Any tips, advice or opinions about which skates to get is appreciated.

Thanks guys.

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