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05-25-2010, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by twosaints View Post
Why the need to vilify either of them? They play, and they'll get paid accordingly. It's not as if either hasn't "paid his dues" to the organization - both have been here their entire careers and have been more than serviceable for that time. Just because they're not scrambling to take a big discount to stay here and waiting till things play out doesn't mean both definitely don't want to stay. I don't think the "other side of the earth" quip was necessary in making your point, either.

That aside, overreaction much? Just because nobody wants to talk contracts the day after the team gets booted from a great run doesn't mean they want to GTFO.
didnt read the article, dont care imo what he said. has no importance on my reasoning, it was already made up prior to PO.

im not trying to vilefy any of them players, im just looking at it from a personal buisness decision. its not going to be the first , nor the last time a player will choose UFA even if he LOVES the team he was with.

this thread is pure speculation discussion on what halak will do. or did i miss the point here?

Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
It's 1 or 2 year. Don't know if there's conditions attached to this. Jiri Hudler for instance, was offered a 2 year deal from arbitration.
thanks. so hopefully we can get a 2year.

btw i dont see how MVP of our team this season will not use that as a leverage for negotating and getting more at arbitration. unless habs will offer him a jucy contract.

also really want to clarify, im not looking down on halak (nor pleck) for doing what would be best for them, and not for the habs. its normal imo, especially after the seasons they had.

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