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05-25-2010, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
Paul Holmgrens handling of Randy Jones is a handy example of a number of areas where people complain about Holmgren.

I for one think Holmgren has probably made some mistakes that were legitimately dumb, and made some perceived mistakes that were calculated risks that people didn't agree with, as well as some decisions that were motivated by other factors that we as fans don't care about. Simply put, I think Holmgren has more of an idea and more of a plan regarding his personnel and the cap then people give him credit for.
Then he should probably be able to be a bit more articulate than "What can you do?"

I disagree. Pronger has been everything we traded for him to be. Whether or not that puts us over the top against an unsustainably stacked Chicago team can not be the only measure of success. You can't be 100% results oriented about that trade, and in the same breath tell me that possibly winning the cup doesn't mean Holmgren can't manage the salary cap. IF we apply the same logic to both situations, if the Flyers win the cup, then Holmgren manages the cap well.
Winning the cup and managing the cap are two separate things. Tallon, for example, did a horrid job of managing the cap. The winning team this year, will have done a poor job managing their cap situation.

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