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03-12-2005, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Matty
I simply disagree.

Lidstrom - Chelios; Blake - Foote; Stevens - Niedermayer; Hatcher - Zubov/Sydor

All top teams seem to want that defender with an *edge* in their top two (Chelios, Foote, Stevens, Hatcher) and for good reason. Ohlund can certainly throw out the big hit, but he doesn't play with the edge.

And Allen is nowhere close to being up there 'yet'. Looking at his age, and when big defenders usually start to hit their stride, we still may have a few years of waiting.

Looking at the defense of Niedermayer, Ohlund, Sopel, Salo, Malik, and Allen - the first word that comes to mind is soft. Perhaps even soft as butter as Allen and Ohlund are the only ones that can even throw a decent hit! And that's not talking about the front of the net.

And why sign Niedermayer to trade Jovo so that we can improve the forward situation? Why not just sign a forward?

If anything, I would move Ohlund before Jovo. Jovo/Niedermayer could be a dynamo 1-2. And with the addition of Niedermayer's offense, Jovo could concentrate more on his defense again which IMO he was always better at anyway.

I just think this whole "our defense is too soft" thing has been taken to extremes here... I was part of that earlier on as well, thinking we weren't tough enough to beat the Flames on the backend, but we had other problems with our lineup.

Take a look at TBay for example... Kubina is their best shutdown guy - and he's no more physical than Ohlund is... there is no Jovo there and their defense is solid... it gets strong contributions from guys like Sarich, Sydor etc, which we can get from Allen, Salo etc...

if there is a need to add more to our bottom pairing, then I don't think that's tough to pick up ... but Jovo hold a lot of value and could bring back a great piece.

You aren't going to find a player like Thornton on the free agent market... nor are you going to get a #1 like Theodore. And as I've said before, I wouldn't be dealing Jovo unless one of those two types of assets comes back.

but if you want to add grit via free agency, go after Witt... he'd even give Allen more time to develop. Aucoin will also be available and while he's no Jovo, he can hold his own in the defensive zone and log big minutes.

finding a 25 YO elite center, or a top 10 goalie, still young enough to have a lot more good years, is just not that easy an asset to get, and to get one, you need to move someone like Jovo.

Between Jovo and Ohlund I'd move Jovo first. The *only* thing that Jovo brings that Ohlund doesn't is more offense... sure Jovo is tougher, but I'd take a more solid defensive zone presense in Ohlund anyday of a guy who's stronger, tougher and more intimidating, but can't cover the zone as well, and still play strong against the top forwards. And if we can get Neidermayer's offense, we replace Jovo's more than adequately.

Maybe a deal moving Sopel for a more defensive, less offensive guy, would be necessary... but again, I don't worry much about filling those "holes" if I can land an elite center or top 10 goalie.

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