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05-25-2010, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
As was posted by a fellow Finn already, the ref Jari Levonen was on Finnish morning tv today and said that in his eyes it was a clear case of clipping. He said they don't have the benefit of replays in these situations (the first time he was a replay of it was on the show), things happen really fast on ice level and the're required to make the calls instantly. He also said NO RUSSIAN PLAYER OR COACH COMPLAINED ABOUT THE CALL.

No blame on the ref when the star player is seemingly in a lot of pain. The wrong call was made but it was caused by an obvious faking, Jagr not only wasn't hit on or below his knees, he didn't really have the speed to have a strong impact during the hit. The diving kills the sport if you allow things like this. If Jagr does not fake - there is probably no penalty and if it is then it is only two minutes.
BTW about the compaints - Atyushov said that the were simply stunned how Jagr could trick the ref like that, he said it was an obvious dive no doubt about it.

Anyways, combined with a lot of faking this year in SC playoffs (Carcillo incident was ugly) as well as at the Worlds you can clearly see that the players choose to dive when they can. It's embarassing to the sport and should be dealt with ASAP.

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