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05-25-2010, 06:28 PM
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Skinner- I'm not good at NHL comparisons but maybe Skinner = Mike Richards. Smart, hard worker, great hockey sense, perhaps not as chippy and with better finishing skills. Not a speedster but shifty on his feet, not too big. Come to think of it, maybe both Mike and Brad Richards. He could be a 40 goal 80 point NHL player.

Interesting question about locale and development. Yes, that is a factor, but it can work two ways. One is that the player is actually better than he showed, that there is untapped potential. The reverse though is that he has developed bad habits and has not learned and this might stunt his development.

Consider it similar to going to a bad high school. It can work both ways. If you are smart you might flourish under good teachers at university. But a bad high school might stunt your growth and turn you in the wrong direction, even if you are bright.

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