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03-12-2005, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by jtuzzi21
A top 5 of Allen, Jovo, Niedermayer, Ohlund, and Salo would be scary. Sign a depth UFA for the 6th spot.
If the Canucks sign Niedermayer, you have to wonder where they would be going. IMO the Canucks will not trade Jovo and I believe it's quite silly to entertain the thought. He's signed up to a long term deal, has been referred to as a future captain, and has performed very well in pressure situations.

That said, can we afford the coin for Jovo, Niedermayer & Ohlund? With Ohlund's contract coming up, I don't think so (but I suppose if we put all the money into our defense core we could)

Honestly I don't see why everyone is so intent on rearranging our core to add Niedermayer. Jovo and Ohlund are both studs, they complement each other well, and they are at the beginning of their prime. And both seem to be committed to our team. Why mess with that? If Nieds could be added to the mix...well I'd be estatic. But I think it's pretty silly to start rearranging it all just because a great UFA is on the market.

And teams don't flip around core players as if they are trading cards unless there is a serious problem on the team. And then that rarely works out...

NFIT: I disagree on the Jovo/Ohlund defensive arguement and I always have. Jovo is a great defensive dman when he is put into that situation. He made a name for himself shutting down top forwards. He played a heck of a tourney when Canada asked him to play a different role than the one he plays on the Canucks. That you really can't argue with.

But the fact is, the Canucks don't have a top notch offensive dman. And Jovo is the closest thing. Also, look at his partners both now and in the past. Lachance and Malik are 3rd pairing dmen at best. When they got the puck in the defensive zone, 9 times out of 10 they just threw it into the neutral zone or passed it off to Jovo. Meanwhile Ohlund and Sopel often split roughly 50/50 carrying the puck out or making the first pass. With those kinds of statistics, of coarse Jovo is gonna be caught more! And if Ohlund were relied upon to create offense on a regular basis, you can bet alot of fans would be complaining about him as well.

All in all, I think Nieds/Jovo is a better combo than Ohlund/Nieds. But in the end, I don't care because our combo is and should be, the one we've been building around for years: Jovo/Ohlund.

Finally, our biggest problem on D right now is that 3/4th guy - the one who plays with Jovo. We need a true top 4 dman there IMO. And that is what we should go out and sign. Now, Nieds would more than qualify. And if the Canucks could swing it...well, I'd be all for it. IMO Nieds/Jovo; Ohlund/Sopel; Allen/Salo, would be the best d core in the NHL. But it would cost a pretty penny as well!

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