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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
After some of what happened this year, I wouldn't be too surprised if Walsh is on thin ice already as Halak's agent. I'd have fired him if I was Halak. Threatening to derail his NHL career would only be further grounds.

There is nothing to worry about here. But of course I know Habs fans love to have something to get excited about. Halak can get a fair bridge contract from the Habs based on his age and NHL experience, either through fair negotiations (with no empty threats) or through salary arbitration. It's not a worry either way, his market value is reasonably set, and if he comes back with a strong, full season as a #1 next year he'll get his full-up #1 goalie salary on his next contract.

Price is a good young prospect/backup, and he is also easily retained through the existing process.

There is really nothing to get excited about here. Gauthier would have to go pretty far out of his way to mess this up and fail to bring both guys back affordably next year.
So you have one of those goalies on the bench for AT LEAST 40 games, without improving by getting valuable assets who could actually contribute in the long run?

Trading Halak is a scenario I hate. Keeping both and not pulling a deal is one I hate even more. If we learned something against Philly, it's that with some good skaters, you can afford to have a medium goalie and still perform.

Keeping both goalies would kill us in the long term, and maybe on the short-term as well.

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