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05-26-2010, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
Did me and you agree? Omg, yes we did. I agree with every single sentence above. Great post.
That hurts, hp, your agreement that I don't know what I'm talking about

Thanks for asking instead of telling me Fitsy, unfortunately I didn't watch but about a period's worth of the whole tourney.
It's why I didn't say if I thought he was good/bad OR that anyone was wrong/right....

ALL I said before the knowledgable and wise opened up, was that if he had a great tourney, he must've had better chemistry within that pair than what I've seen on NYR...yes, an assumption.
It's why I asked who his pair was.
**To clarify, I didn't mean that as any kind of slight to Roz, I mean that like when I say Ballard(my fav dman) looked bad because there wasn't anyone to play up to his level or compliment him so he can at least play his game. Bad chemistry is a great reason for awful play amonsgt good players....might be Rozi's problem after all?? He needs himself a suitable partner?**
Does it matter to the same real men of genius that I cheer louder for Rozi when he does something right, and I don't boo when he's announced for a point or everytime he touches the puck??? I would ASSUME it doesn't. lol
Why it should matter is that, I'm not bashing for the classic sake of bashing. I boo when it's deserved, not when YOU decide to group me with whoever.

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