Thread: Post-Game Talk: still wanna fire Homer?
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05-26-2010, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
I can't believe this is being debated????? Homer was head of scouting when we drafted Giroux, Carter and Richards! He signed or traded for Pringer, Timonen, Carle, Coburn, Parent, krajicek, leighton, Boucher, carcillo, Leibovitz, briere, hartnell, asham, jvr, betts, laps, powe! In short, this whole team!!! For those that like to point to one bad trade, pick or signing, look at the finished product!
1) No one has ever suggested Holmgren doesn't have a very good eye for talent. He's a very good scout and probably never should have been promoted out of the Asst. GM role, which he was clearly exemplary at.

2) Holmgren certainly deserves credit for some of those picks, but he only got to make some of those picks because Clarke acquired extra picks in deep drafts... specifically Richards and Carter. Ya know, getting 1sts as opposed to giving 'em away...

3) It isn't one bad trade or pick or signing... it's a chronic series of decisions that cannot be rationally explained. The Jones and Lupul contracts. The decision to recall Jones when he was absolutely going to get claimed by someone. The Eminger trade. The Carle trade without any attention to the salary cap, which cost us Metro, Vaananen, and, ultimately, Upshall and a 2nd for Carcillo (a terrible value trade)... and had Mike Richards calling out the job he did at the end of season presser last year.

And there are tangible results of his poor cap management. For example, if he hadn't screwed up the whole Randy Jones thing... Mike Knuble would have been on this team this year, and the whole 3-scoring line plan would have worked a lot smoother.

For those that think he is dumb? He invented the front loaded deal and the trade for coming UFA's which is now the norm, genius!
No, he didn't invent the front loaded deal. It's existed in other sports for year, most notably football with their signing bonus contract structure... it's a natural and logical step when you have a salary cap in place.

And we traded for Roenick under Clarke years ago.

For those that think he is killing the future? Look at our goalie prospects! It was in shambles! Bow, we have two of the four startingc goalies from the memorial cup, the #1 prospect in Sweden and the top Russian! Amazing!
We do not have the #1 prospect in Sweden.

And goalie prospects are great, but also ridiculously unpredictable.

Give the guy some credit, we are in the finals!!!!!
No, the team is in the finals. Despite him. As noted, the only reason we're here is because of a waiver wire pick-up turning out completely different than even he could have possibly hoped.

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