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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
you pretty much have to have someone show you.

there is alot of things you have to know about the machine

also there is alot of feel involved. what i mean is, i look at the blades, feel how sharp they are, look to see if they are level then go from there

also you have to know when to re dress the wheel. after a few sharpenings it has to be re dressed otherwise the sharpenings you deliver wont be sharp

and you have to know when yo cross grind the skates too, plus being able to look at the blade and tell if it needs to be sharpened and what has to be done to it

this one guy came into the shop once to get his sons skates sharpened and said "they arent too bad but i want to get them done anyways"

i looked at the bottom of the blade and was like "are these skates relatively new?" i could they had never been sharpened and that the kid has skated on them many times because of all the pucks marks and scratches on it

he said "i got them not too long ago, but they still have the factory sharpening on them"

i told him they dont sharpen them before they ship them

things like that which you figure out after a while
Oh wow. You could see the parent had never owned a pair of skates himself. They are as blunt as they can get when you take them out of the box. Poor kid.

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