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05-26-2010, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
The Habs were in the conference finals on merit. To call them a #8 seed is a little disingenuous. As for the Bruins offense, it sucked all season, no arguments.And I am not about to take credit away from the team for kicking New Jersey's ass just because they had proven they could do it in the regular season. They still kicked their ass when it mattered.

The fact of the matter is that most teams that make it to the Finals have had some luck somewhere along the way, whether it be match-ups, staying healthy, a goalie catching fire (if you wanna call that luck). There's some luck in the game.
There is absolutely some luck and bounces on your trip through the playoffs. No denying that. However, it's also an easy argument to say that we had one of the luckiest trips in the history of the NHL playoffs to get to this point. Now, as said, you need to beat who is in front of you, and the team deserves credit for that. However, as a GM you can't be planning to beat the teams we beat... you need to be planning to beat the teams we didn't have to face.

As to it being disingenuous to call the Habs a #8 seed... cem on. They played 82 games, they were what they were. They were egregiously outplayed by the Capitals in Rd. 1, Halak just completely stood on his head. In the final three games of that series, the Caps put 134 shots on net and scored 3 goals. The Habs put 66 shots on net, and scored 8 goals. The Pens series was not nearly as lopsided, but still pretty far in favor of the Pens as far as carrying play... the Habs were an 8 seed with a ridiculously hot goalie.

However, the Habs were also a mighty midget team and when they faced us they ran into severe problems with their lack of size, and it cost 'em in front of the nets at both ends. Something the Caps and Pens didn't really challenge.

So, Halak was in the ECF on merit... not sure about the group of skaters in front of him.

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