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05-26-2010, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
I wasn't calling for his head either, I pointed out that he made a ton of big mistakes, but was able to remedy them (even if many of them were based on alot of luck - ie. Leighton) and also pointed out his faults as a GM that regardless of winning a cup this year will hurt us going forward unless he corrects them.

It is folly to give the guy a pass because of where the team is in now, but rather, the team and coaching staff should be that much more commended.

a few months ago...

Leighton was a career AHL/backup goalie
Leino was about to get cut from Detroit
Laviolette was fired from the league's worst team

Is Homer supposed to be praised for bringing them here and them working out? Is he the Nostradamus of the NHL? Or is it more likely that they just worked their balls off?
Leighton was 100% dumb luck on Holmgren's part for sure. Holmgren had no other options to get a goalie because he had no cap/asset flexibility and had to resort claiming a guy who was absolutely garbage before being waived this year. Leighton was just a depth move when he had no other options. He might have never even been given a chance if Boucher didn't get injured and could have been waived when Emery returned. It's extremely fortunate Leighton worked out as he has.

I think Holmgren deserves some credit for the other two, however. Laviolette was a good coach and runs a system that Holmgren envisioned when he built this team. It was a great move. I just don't know why he didn't do it in the summer since he had Lavi in mind when he offered him the Phantoms job then.

Leino was the classic low risk - high reward move. He was a highly skilled player the Red Wings organization were high on, but just didn't work out the way they expected this season. IMO a move like this is what a smart GM would do. I also think Leino could have had more of an impact sooner if Lavi had given him more of a chance during the regular season. He was placed on Briere's line a handful of times during the regular season and looked great, but then Lavi would sit him the next game.

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