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1. I wear Under Armour under my gear.
-Under Armour Top/Pants
-Shin pads
-Tape around socks/shine pads
-Elbow pads
-Shoulder pads
-Jersey (tuck my left side)

2. I am sure they will know that you are a beginner so make friends with a guy that is a bit more skilled and explain to him your situation. Ask coach a lot of questions on and off the ice/tile...

3. No...well yea...maybe...depends on the rule of thumb my first coach taught me was "take what they give you - don't get rid of the puck unless you feel pressure." Now obviously that is not always the case...but I am a Defensemen with pretty puck handling ability so I do give it up until I have to or I see an opportunity for a break out or a goal for my all depends

4. Yes...learn how to climb over the's not as hard as it looks

5. Never Played 3 on 3

6. I have played Ice Hockey for 20 years and roller for about 10 and I have seen no difference

7. Youtube has alot...but you better off finding someone who has played for a while and is good and ask them for help....head to the rink and learn first hand

Buying Gear: Try Scherer Hockey (online) my buddy owns the place and they are pretty reasonable. Hockey Monkey and Discount Hockey online as well

Body/Puck: (When defending a player with the puck) YOU ALWAYS PLAY THE BODY!!! If you stare at the won't have much to look at because they will skate around u in a second. No Checks does not me NO CONTACT...check the rules for light "bumps" and a good rule of thumb...always look in the crest or logo of the guy in front of you and you can't go wrong....what I do is..."3 seconds looking at logo, 1/2 second quick glance at the puck puck"...and repeat until the play is a non contact league your stick checking ability will be key.....I hope I was helpful

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