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05-26-2010, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
You must absolutely hate the Pronger signing if you think the Zetterberg and Datsyuk contracts are bad. (Didn't say they bad - put a question mark to say....hmmmm

However, lets run through your list.

- Traded Ville Leino to Philadelphia for OK Tollefsen and a 5th rounder

Seriously, they were going to have to put Leino on waivers and lose him for nothing and got a 5th rd. pick for him. That's good management. We put Metro on waivers and got nothing for him.
- You are comparing Leino to Metro? We got a very good player because they mismanged the cap and HAD to trade him!

- Traded Shawn Mattias (future star) + two picks for Todd Bertuzzi

It was Matthias and a 2nd for Bertuzzi, not two picks, and that turned into Nick Spaling. And Matthias is a future star? Yet to show it.
- Incorrect, Shawn Mattias is rated 7.5 prospect on this site. A potential first line talent and hard worker

- Signed Todd Bertuzzi (bad signing)

You think a 1-year 1.5M contract is a "bad signing"? Seriously?
- Signed a bad player, not the contract!!!

- Signed Jason Williams (bad signing)

1.5M expiring... again. Seriously?
- SIgned a bad player, not the contract!!!

- Signed Patrick Eaves (bad signing)

He made 500K!!!! Seriously? I mean, really, 500K is a "bad signing?"
- Fair enough

- Signed Andy Delmore (bad signing)

I mean, he never even dressed for the Red Wings... how can this possibly be a "bad signing," he was in the AHL and not counting against the cap. Again, a one year deal.

OK, now we get to some meat, because the above almost completely discredits your understanding of salary cap criticisms. You don't want to focus on 1-year, cheap deals...
- Fair enough

- Johan Frazen to 11 year deal????

11 years, and 3.9M cap hit. Questionable deal given his age, but he can also retire out of it. Tough to judge based on this year, but if you're getting 30ish goals for 3.9M that's a good contract. He won't be producing that by the end, but who knows if he'll even be in the NHL.

- Cap hit is OK, again didn't say bad......said questionable. I would give a 10 year deal to Mike Richards, Sidney Crosby and maybe 10 other guys in the league. Not Franzen.
- Henrik Zetterberg to 12 year deal????

Similar problem with age of signing, but Z for just over 6M isn't a bad cap hit... and he certainly would have gotten more on a shorter deal.
- The way he plays, he may be "old" in 2 years, then he is on the books for another 10????
- Daniel Cleary 5 year deal????

Daniel Cleary... 2.8M cap hit. Strikes me as a good deal for a guy that has been pretty consistent in producing 40 pts for 'em and taking a regular shift.
- 5 years is too much to give a fourth line talent. Not to mention his personal problems off the ice which he has corrected, but he is a known substance abuse repeat offender.
- Datsyk 7 year deal???

7 years, at 6.7M. In the first two years of that contract, he produced 97 pts. This past year, he produced 70 with a team that was badly banged up... also is a big reason why they advanced to the 2nd rd. in the playoffs.

The deal will expire when he's 35.

That's a great friggin contract as far as I'm concerned.
- Fair enough. I would sign Datsyk for 7 years, again.....just questionable to give these kinds of deals. We will question the term if ANYONE gets 7-12 years in Philly. They are giving them to everyone in Detroit.

EDIT: Just to compare Briere to the Zetterberg and Datsyuk signings. Briere has a 6.5M cap hit that carries with him until he's 37. In the first three years of that deal, he's produced 72, 25, and 53 pts, and gone -25. Datsyuk is +92 over that same span.
- Daniel Briere was signed at a desparate time. Everyone was getting 7.5 million at that time and we gave him 8 years at 6.5. Turned out to be a good signing as he is a big reason for our playoff success since (he has been in conference finals 3 of the past 4 years)
If you look at the history of the red wings signings and trades, there is nothing. They build through the draft with European players. When they do pull off deals, they are not very good. There signings are questionable

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