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03-12-2005, 07:30 PM
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Thanks for the congrats everyone I appreciate it.

Melrose> I'll post the link as soon as I get that part of my page together.

Rangers_23> Bah, too bad man we could have gotten together at Rookies for a beer.

Sickboy> I do want to get back to Cancun, it's been too long and it was a great place. I'll definitely let you know if and when I head down there. Do you usually book an all-inclusive or what?

Bluenote> Ugh 4PM start times,blech I'll still be in work while you all are watching the games live...not fair. I do have a TV tuner card in my puter though so I'll be recording the games....hmmm maybe if I can get enough interest I can host some torrents or an FTP for those of you in Europe or those that can't get particular games... (assuming there is going to be a season anyways.)

AJ1982> Congrats on the Lockheed gig man, Lockheed is a great company. Are you going to be working on the new Marine One? One of my friends just got an internship this summer in NY with Lockheed working on it.

Originally Posted by bluenote
Thank God you guys are all graduating and sticking with these small mom and pop operations.
hahaha, hell you never know with Boeing now, especially after their CEO was just fired.

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