Thread: Kings Article: Lombardi "Not Optimistic" on Frolov
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05-26-2010, 09:09 PM
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So would we like to keep him? Yes. But if the price is prohibitive, and maybe would prevent us from filling other holes and making sure we keep Doughty and Johnson and all these kids coming through, then you have to walk away. I think you’re probably right on Fro. He’s a good player. I guess at times, like you say, you think he’s capable of more, but he’s still a productive player. But you still now have to really be astute in how you attach a price tag to that, or you’re going to get yourself in trouble down the road, and then all this building we’ve done makes no sense if we can’t keep these young players that have come through our system. So I’m not too optimistic, given what he’s looking for.
I really don't see why people on this board think Lombardi put his foot in his mouth. I've read this interview 3 times now. You can insert any player in for Fro, and it would still apply. I don't think we should blame Lombardi for NOT being more like the Rangers GM, where money is no object for marginal players. Clearly, the Kings and Fro are far apart. That's an honest answer to the question. It's not like he told exactly what the Kings were offering or what Fro was demanding. I'd bet if you asked Fro's agent, he'd also say they were far apart. No big deal IMO.

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