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Help me out here, so when you said "I like Brad Richardson. He's a nice player with ONE good season. Now do me a favor and go compare stats between Richardson and Parse. I take it you are sufficiently blown away".

You meant that because Richardson played in 20 more games than Parse that I should be "blown away" by the similarity in their stats? Hasn't Parse also had the same "ONE good season"? Is this what should have blown me away?

Didn't you say that Richardson "has more intangibles, namely speed and hustle" than Parse? Didn't you also say that Parse is "just plain better offensively regardless of upside"?

Then why would one set of stats blow me away and how am I wrong for saying "I like them, they are both "nice" players at this point but to say one has some sort of upside over the other is making an assumption as it is too early to tell and they both have different skill sets"?

By your own words, didn't we both just agree with each other?

And when I responded with the fact that neither set of stats had "blown me away" is that what makes me wrong?

I mean, maybe I have the bar set too high but in order for an over aged rookie to blow me away he has to be exceptional in at least one area of his game and neither of these two are what I would call exceptional at any part of their collective and separate games.

When you said "The point of my post is that Richardson is not worth 1.1 million more than Parse so nobody should be worried about that" and all that I have said about salaries is that I don't think that Parse is worth $900k per season yet (I also said that he should get in the $6-700k range) and have said nothing about what I think Richardson should make, is that what makes me "wrong"?

Is there someplace where I questioned SP's skill set?

If so then your comment about him (sp) having "allot of skill" might make some sense but since I haven't questioned it, I can't see how that makes me wrong.

I can see where you take issue at my stating that Richardson plays a better two way game than Parse and I can accept that, if you want to define it as his having a better defencive game than Parse, its quibbling but a fair definition. Though if we go by the stats in way your contradicting yourself, I thought that was kind of funny.

Maybe I should have said that after watching both of them play all season I think that Richardson has a better transition game and is more responsible in his own end consistently than Parse. That is a more accurate assessment in my opinion of the gap between the two in those regards.

I would also assess Parse as being more of an offencive threat than Richardson but since you had asked us to go look at the stats I was only pointing out that they had really similar seasons, statistically speaking.

Sorry but here is another place where by your own definition I am also not "wrong" and that is in rather or not I view SP as a player. See, I do see him as an NHL caliber player but I see him as one who has YET to prove himself.

When I said that "I like them, they are both nice players" I guess I should have been more definitive. I should have said "I like them, they are both nice NHL caliber players" to avoid any confusion. Though I thought that was implied.

We all watch the same team and all see the game and its players differently.

To my way of thinking, Parse and Richardson are both good players who bring different things to the table but neither of them deserve to be given a significant increase in salary as of yet.

Richardson has proven that he is starting to make the next step in his game but he still needs to prove to me that this past season wasn't a fluke and that he deserves a longer term deal.

Like it or not it was a contract year and some players step up their game right before them and then fall down right after.

I also think that SP got handled poorly by TM but I have a thing about TM that I am no mood to revisit right now and that Parse has at least proven himself as a potentially solid forward but he also has to prove himself over the next season or two in order to make me think that he is a lock to be an impact player in the league.

Over the years I have seen too many one year wonders (some of who showed significantly more talent than either SP or BR at the time) who just never seemed to repeat their rookie successes. I need to see a couple of seasons before I can accept a player as having the ability to become a true impact player.

As for salaries I would have given Richardson the $900k (based on his time and improvement) and offered Parse something in the $6-700k range but only as two way contracts.

I like the two season part of the deal, let them each earn extensions or move along as we are glutted with like talented depth in the minors.

Also of they didn't like the deals then we have several options to fill their slots.

Here is another question that I have, am I wrong for your statement of where we are at on LW next year even though I said nothing about it?

Or are you implying that I in some way said that Parse shouldn't be on the team next year because if you are, then you would be very wrong.

I agree that we are hosed as of now on LW and have to believe that DL is going to sign some ufa LW or make a deal for one because we can't start next year with that big of a hole on our top six.

So as far as the whole thing goes you and I seem to agree on most all of this, maybe you made some presumptions on what I thought of Parse or his value and I could have defined what I meant by two way player better but I don't see where I actually said anything that is in disagreement with you.

You can say I am wrong all over again and it still won't really matter as it is merely an opinion, just like mine but I don't see where we are so far apart as for one to be viewed as right or wrong by the other on this one.

You might value Parse somewhat more than I do as of this past season but we agree that he has a solid skill set.

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