Thread: Speculation: My Wild picks (Mod Note Post #51)
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05-26-2010, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
The Wild's high-talent forward pool is horrible. There is nobody outside Wellman. Time to take a BIG risk. Don't play it safe and draft a decent talent at #9, and then a bunch of middling talent in the 2nd round. Get bold.

Draft the Russians. Not one. Draft them all.

Burmistrov. Tarasenko. Kuzenetsov. Kabanov. Galiev. Kitsyn.

Grab them all. As many as we can. They are going to drop as the KHL is making big moves, and NHL teams aren't going to waste valuable picks. We won't get all of them. But if we can move some guys for extra picks, we can pick up at least three of them, maybe more.

Get a core of them. Let them play in whatever league for a year. Then, bring them all down to Houston together. Then, in short time, you have a complete restocked forward talent pool to go with the young core of the Wild.

In the end, you hope two of them work out and can make a big impact.

Interesting idea. I wonder how much easier it would be to get them to come over/stay if they knew there were a group of Russian teammates they could hang with.

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