Thread: Kings Article: Lombardi "Not Optimistic" on Frolov
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05-26-2010, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by DeeMeck View Post
When did the rights to anyone really mean anything?

It happens 1 in 100 FAs...I know Buowmeester went...but that contract was pretty much in place before the trade.
They always mean something, even if at best they were a throw in on another deal, they at least had some perceived value until DL threw them away.

I also wonder if DL knows something more than we do regarding the possibility of an actual deal with the KHL. I would think that he does but other than a bunch of wind from the KHL as far as I know there hasn't been anything else reported.

The thing that burns me is that at some point, I think before this past season started, DL decided for whatever reasons that Frolov wasn't going to be a part of his teams long term plans.

That is fine with me as it is his team but to take a valuable asset and first talk a bunch of garbage about him (and allowing your coach to do the same driving down his value even further) and then try and prove him to be a player who's numbers are falling off by yanking him around and moving him from a top six role into a defencive position, which he excelled at and then to talk poorly of him while he still has some potential value is stupid to me.

Its not DL's first mistake and it won't likely be his last but this one is just stupid and really didn't need to happen like a few of his other major blunders.

I like DL and am happy that he is our GM, he is amazing at the draft table and has a knack for finding overlooked talent but he makes some dumb mistakes when it comes to player management at times.

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