Thread: Kings Article: Lombardi "Not Optimistic" on Frolov
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05-27-2010, 01:00 AM
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There are more issues here than just monetary ones, and if you dont know what they are, I'm not going to air them in a public forum for you.

As for people trashing him by talking about his declining numbers, I'm sure you will all point to this year as proof. Before you do so, please recall that he was relegated to third line checking duties for most of the season, a job he performed incredibly well, without gripe or comment. Name me other third line players who are equally productive, both offensively and defensively, as our Frolov.

Frolov will likely move on, and I for one, and Jr. for two, will be sad to see him go. Not just for his skills but for who he has been for the team, and the community. I believe Frolov still has a 35-40 goal season or two left in the tank, and maybe more (if used properly in that role.) You somply cant expect a guy to score 25+ goals on the 3rd line when his duties were primarily defensive.

I dont think DL said anything horrendous in his responses and his comment actually leads me to believe NOT that he is "not optimistic" but rather that he already knows that NO MATTER WHAT he is not re-signing Frolov. That is why he can afford to say those things publicly, becasue there is no damage whatsoever that could result. (Yes, Zad, I see your perspective, but I think if DL wanted him at all, he would have played it closer to the vest so as not to chance losing him.)

So long Alex. I wish you luck where ever you land. And although I hope this doesnt remain true for much longer, if you are like most other talented King players searching for the cup, its likely you'll have a better shot at hoisting it elsewhere.

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