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05-27-2010, 02:09 AM
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Well, I did have fun, but coming in as an absolute noob out there, hockey is definitely HARD! Here's some of my observations.

1) I hope to god my skates break in soon. I've only used them once before, but my feet were on fire all night, and in a bad way. My right foot went numb, and the bottoms of my feet were in pain all night. I do wear orthodics in my regular shoe (prescription, hard plastic kind), so I may look into getting some if the pain doesn't go away after a month or two.

2) My glasses kept slipping out of place. I think my helmet wasn't on right.

3) My legs are going to be sore as hell tomorrow. That will get better over time I think.

4) I was definitely the slowest, most noob out there, but I did have a lot of fun, and most everyone was really helpful and understanding of my position.

I really hope to keep going, but they're changing the time of the clinics to 9:15, and that may be just too late for me (gotta be up at 5am). We'll see. I'll probably do a lot of public skating since I really really REALLY need to work on my skating. It's hard for me to stop and I can't skate backwards at all.

Overall, besides the pain and frustration, I had a ton of fun out there. I think I'm going to stick with it!

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