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05-27-2010, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by dre2112 View Post
It's called inflation. The regular rate of inflation is roughly 2-3%, and it seems like they're just keeping up.

Prices have gone up every year, why is it such a big deal all of a sudden?
Ummm, no.

It's called increasing your prices because of supply and demand.

Take a look at the post below, his/her greys went from 3000 to 3200. That's 6.67% increase ... more than inflation.

So, when Molson's say ticket price increases are "directly related to the growth of the economy,"... that's pure BS.

He must take fan as morons to lie like this.

Originally Posted by seanp316 View Post
I have Greys. When I first started paying for them they were 2750$ for the pair. Last year they were about 3k even. This year it's over 3200$.

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