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05-27-2010, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
at first blush it sounds like poile has made up his mind to go with a youth movement but I think there will be such a glut of backup goalie FA's that Poile knows if no one stands out he can sign a servicable backup at the last minute.

Doing it this way ensures that all 4 of these guys give maximum effort. Although since Dekanich has to be qualified this summer poile could just let him walk rather than ending up stuck with him..
I believe the first part to be true, with a "possible maybe" about signing a vet backup if everybody else fails.

My thinking is not about this year, but more about what Poile is thinking longer term. Rinne is signed for $3.4 mil per for the next two seasons. At that point he'll be turning 30 years old. Assuming that Rinne continues his level of play or gets better (safe assumption) and that the Preds finances are not going to dramatically improve (safe assumption), Rinne will be looking for a longer term contract at a higher price than the Preds can probably afford. I'm not so sure that Rinne will be around after this current contract due to the above, so I've got to believe that Poile needs to find the next #1 goalie out of the current group and do so as soon as possible. Although signing a vet backup for this season is probably the best thing for the Preds in the coming season for success, doing so cuts down on the opportunity for everybody else. Really, seeing were everybody is in this point of their development, trying to find a #1 (or even #1 and #1A) out of this group in two years is still a pretty fair toss-up.

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