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05-27-2010, 01:04 PM
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If Price has a rough start next season, and Halak is tearing it up elsewhere in the NHL, how the hell do you think the fans willreact to this? They will never forgive Price.

I know you'll all come back and say: "**** the Bell Centre crowd!" or "Just get them out!" or "Who cares?!"... This is not the way it works. We'll end up with our hands empty, once again, and we'll have let both goalies go in the end.

The Bell Centre crowd already is on Price's back, it just will get even worst if Halak gets traded.

No matter what happens, there's a huge risk to be taken by Gauthier next summer. But reading Walsh's and Halak's comments, I don't think keeping both is an option anymore.

You don't get it. This works both ways.
If Price is traded (god forbid) and he flourishes elsewhere and Halak struggles as the new #1 next season or shows he was simply a one-year wonder, Halak will also be thrown under the bus and run out of town. A new goalie controversy will start. The media and Cedrick Desjardins (French-Canadian goalie!) will make Halak's life a living nightmare because Halak will no longer be seen as the "underdog", he will be seen as the "villain".

In other words: IT NEVER ENDS. Unless Halak (or Price) can perform a Vezina-quality performance every year, they will get torn to shreds by the media/fans. They have to have thick skin, character and self-confidence to overcome it. And the team defense in front of them is quite brutal....but in Montreal, the goalie is always the first to blame. Whichever goalie stays is going to have to live with it and realize they will be scrutinized to death for the rest of their careers. There's NO HIDING from anyone in this city. I'm sure they themselves/their agents are aware of it and understand the market.

I think the biggest thing that both Price/Halak have to realize is that even if the other one is traded, there's always someone else trying to take your job. If Cedrick Desjardins comes up and has a good stretch of games, it will only get worse for Halak/Price. Trust me on that. I'm not sure if Jaro's idiotic agent, Allan Walsh, realizes that the organization has another young, promising goaltender (Desjardins) in the fold since Walsh is so concerned with removing Price (thus, any international competition) from the picture. Desjardins must keep him shaking in his boots then, lol.

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