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05-27-2010, 01:23 PM
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If you played junior B, the odds are you have a better saucer pass than most of the people who are going to advise you on how to do it.

I wouldn't call saucer passes my forte, but I'm not terrible at them easier. The idea is to roll the puck from heel to toe while you're sweeping, and use your follow-through on the pass to control the amount of lift.

A lot of novices just flick the puck because it's easier to do and accomplishes the goal of getting a pass in the air. That works, but it makes it much harder for the recipient to control the puck... since it will likely land on its side and start bouncing/wobbling around. That split second it takes for the recipient to control the puck can give the goalie (or d-man) time to ready up

My problem comes with saucing a short-distance pass. Anything shorter than about a 6 foot pass is hit-or-miss with me... which is often the case when you're trying to hit a guy with a pass in the slot.

BTW: I've never heard the phrase "dirty sauce" but I knew what it meant. I've heard getting sauce on the pass, saucing the puck, hot saucing it, and some other obscure ones.

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