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05-27-2010, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by slovakiaforever View Post
Considering that when they put in that Škoda car and all Steel Arenaīs capacity will be somewhere around 7000, so yeah 1500 is lots and lots when talking about numbers under 10 000.

Itīs not like Slovakia is a big country and people from all around the country will travel hundreds of kilometers to Bratislava and Košice. Itīs not like the tourney was awarded to people of Košice only and only alone. Some of this small minded people from Košice are starting to piss me off. I suppose the whole tournament should have been played at Košice, right? The fact is that the majority of the country would much rather travel to Bratislava than to Košice to watch those games and letīs not even speak about the foreigners.
What sort of 'fact' is that? Western Slovakia is not the majority. And you have to be kidding with the foreigners prefering by far the uglier and touristically less worthwhile city. The only reason one might prefer BA is proximity to Wien.

Maybe thos two quarterfinals might have been there, but you have to be kidding with that semifinal, right? Itīs not like the bronze/gold medal games are played the day after the semifinals, I could already see how all the federations/players would have been happy to have to travel before the bronze/gold medal game, itīs not like it would handicap them, right?
Or just replace it with the bronze game. Besides, the one hour flight from KE to BA would hardly be a problem, it might even take as long for the other team to get from the arena in BA to their hotel.

My travel to Bratislava from where I live is twice shorter than my travel to Košice, but Iīd like to see Sweden play and if I get my hands on a ticket to their games and can actually afford them, I will travel all the way to Košice to see them play. Some of those crybabies from Košice seriously piss me off therefore.
Your travel doesn't mean that half the country should be completely screwed out of home and meaningful games.

Besides, BA is simply not a hockey town in the slightest. It doesn't deserve having everything just by the 'virtue' of being the capital. Their arena is being built using all taxpayers' money, and it sickens me to see my money, and the money of half the country - aside from being embezzled by Siroky and his cronies - used to build a hockey arena in a city with no hockey culture to speak of, with all relevant games being played there as well.

Oh well, at least the fans from abroad will be able to 'enjoy' the glorious BA and the incredible parking solution they plan for the WCs.

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