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05-27-2010, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Except Backstrom has a NTC and there is no market for goalies at all. I'll put money down that both Backstrom and Harding are in Wild sweaters next fall.
I won't take that bet because I agree with you. Backs isn't moving simply because Backs doesn't want to move. So in my mind trading him is not a consideration. We all know about Harding. What with all the talk about him over the past couple of years. With Harding's hip injury, pretty crappy W/L record(although I think he is better than that stat indicates) and the fact that it is right now most definitely a buyer's market for goalies there isn't any strong motivation to trade him. If we can get Harding to re-sign for a cost of living raise I have no problem with another year of a Backstrom/Harding tandem, and having Chuck re-visit this situation again in a year's time.

Sidetracked myself with goalie talk. As far as drafting. I am in the stance of no Russians. Even if said Russian is the bpa. No matter how talented they may be. Ultimately I do not trust them. Not in their dedication to playing the NHL style brand of hockey. Not to mention whatever NHL team they are on. With the KHL still looming do we lose our Russian pick after his entry level contract expires? Maybe I am buying blindly into the Russian hockey player stereotype of all talent, no heart. But there is plenty of history to make me believe that that is a stereotype for a reason. As Wild fans know the draft is still a crapshoot, no reason to add more risk by taking a player that may have questionable character issue.

Connolly's hip worries me a bit. Wild trainers do not seem to do well with injuries below the belt and above the shoulders. Nino I do not see a shot in Hades he'll be on the board when it is our turn to pick. Of course if Connolly proves his hip is fine I don't see him available at #9 either. Skinner or Granlund would be my top two choices if Nino and Connolly are gone. Leaning towards Skinner. Sounds like he is more of a finisher between him and Granlund. Well based on his junior stats he is definitely more of a sniper mindset. He was almost a GPG player for Kitchener last season. And we definitely need that. Even if he probably wouldn't be a Wild at least until 2011. No reason to Sheppard him.

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