Thread: Kings Article: Lombardi "Not Optimistic" on Frolov
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05-27-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Sorry but that's one of the most hilarious lines I've ever read.

If you're gonna marry yourself to a team, you HAVE to marry yourself to players. What is the team made up of? Players, obviously. Are you going to marry yourself to the GM? To the owner? To Tim Leiweke?

As for the topic of the thread, this is just more proof that no matter how much certain people in here love Dean Lombardi, Dean's biggest fan will always be himself. He just can't help himself, HE has to be the star of the team -- not Kopitar, not Doughty, not any of the players who actually win the games and bring success to the organization. It's always about Dean. He doesn't want to actually negotiate and go back and forth, it's almost like that is beneath him. Accept HIS terms or you're dead to him. There is no such thing as loyalty to an organization or doing what is best for the organization at the time. What Dean's ego wants always comes before anything or anyone else.

So, I hope Frolov sticks it to the Kings for the rest of his career, and I have no doubt that, barring injury, he will. And we'll have a thread in here again, much like the thread with Cammalleri, where yet another player will leave the Kings and proceed to play well and go farther in the playoffs than the Kings ever will -- and yet there will be people who will still cling to their love for Lombardi and twist things around, and they'll say Frolov never wanted to stay, that he didn't have loyalty, etc. It's the same old boring and tired song.
I'm starting to feel like that. Maybe its just a rite of passage Kings fans have to go thur.

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