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Originally Posted by Tomas W View Post
I agree with this, I say expand Elitserien with 2 or 4 teams and then split Allsvenskan into 2 (north and south), this would decrease the traveling costs for the poor allsvenskan teams.

Though Kvalserien is really entertaining.

Thing is though, there will always be a bunch of glorified top teams in the second tier no matter what. Regardless if there were 14, 16, or even 32 teams in the top tier, there will always be teams that are better than the rest of the teams.
The coming season more or less every team in Allsvenskan will be solid teams who are somewhat fighting for a top seven finish. If Björklöven are cleared to play in AS in stead of Sundsvall next season there really won't be any team in the second tier who can't make a decent case, either in regard to their attendance/fan base or their ambitions on the ice. Basically we first lost Huddinge, Vallentuna and other teams that really didn't have any ambitions what so ever and now only Sundsvall might be left as the only team who's happy to just be playing in Allsvenskan. (Well, perhaps Borås/Bofors as well with their close ties to Frölunda/Färjestad, but they at least are able to compete, especially Bofors).

I really do like the idea of going back to a divided allsvenska though. The only problem is, however, that the economy of the teams in northern Sweden apart from the teams in elitserien kind of sucks. I personally feel as though it's more important to have a second tier league that consists of teams that want to go places. Perhaps not eyeing promotion every season, but in the long run this should be the goal for every team in this league. There's really nothing more boring than teams existing for the sole reason of providing playing time for other, elitserie-, teams players.

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