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05-27-2010, 04:24 PM
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Let's all be truthful - if given the ultimate economic choice none of us would want to pay a thing for anything but that's not reality. The micro economic reality is that as long as tickets are being sold on the secondary (call it scalper or ticket broker) markets for more than face value then there is obviously room to increase ticket prices. So, it's basically the ownership trying to recapture the economic gain that is being lost to those fortunate enough to be able to buy at face value because, clearly, by the thousands of tickets available online and on the street for any given game not everyone is using their tickets and trying to sell for a profit.

That said - I think there should be a test of hockey knowledge before getting into the building so that "true fans" get first crack at face value seats. Again..I know I'm dreaming and will be the first to admit to flying cross country 3 times this past year to see the team in person.

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