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05-27-2010, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Or maybe you could try reading and realize that I compared the time it'd take to get from arena to hotel in that permanent traffic jam called BA to flying from KE to BA...

Well, the vast majority of tourists in BA are friggin' english stag parties. As for what is there to see, you mean aside from the several times bigger historic city centre than BA's, or the cathedral that makes BA's look like a wooden chapel? Right... What's in BA anyway? A castle that looks more like a block, UFO bridge and their own Lunik IX attempt in Petrzalka?

Well, for a real arena and WCs BB and ZV would have to have more than five and a half inhabitants, unfortunately.

The only comparable from that list is Bern, FWIW.

Anyway, yeah I'll get to see Canada's games at least. It's just unfortunate that our NT will be stuck with the sort of 'support' that BA 'fans' tend to provide, where the greatest activity is throwing food on the ice.
Maybe you are not capable of understanding this, but the people at Slovakia´s game will not be only from Bratislava, they will be from all over the country. It would be the same in Košice, the number of people from Košice there would be minimal. The whole "smotánka" from all of the country that will be capable to actually afford to buy tickets for the Slovak games and will manage to get it´s hand on them that is.

Anyway, what can I say to you? A big IGNORE to all of your post from now on, you´re much of a bigger ignorant than the majority of Bratislava citizens are. I don´t even need to comment your comments regarding Bratislava, anyone reading them can create an image of you alone.

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