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03-13-2005, 11:59 AM
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HF: Do you think that Minnesota emphasizes different things in players? Do you think thatís why you might have a better opportunity with them?

MR: Yeah. Theyíre more into developing younger players, so no doubt Iíll probably get a chance with them before I would with LA. Thatís another thing that I was thinking about with LA, just looking at their line-up and the players they have. It just wasnít a good choice. And Minnesota, nothing better could have happened. They picked me up because theyíre interested in my development and we have summer training camps for about two months, itís the most of any NHL team in the league and itís all about development, positive development to make me a better hockey player.

I hope it's ok that I just cut and pasted this part of the story but it kinda floors me.
I think we have a wonderful system for developing young players. Granted we might not have a 2 month training camp but we certainly do a very good job of developing our talent and I would say especially of late. Take a peek at Manchester. Take a peek at the Kings and all of the injuries our team has had to withstand the past few seasons and we have called up our young players and some have stepped up and some have not and been sent back down. Overall between Bruce, Dave, Andy and the rest of the Staff, I have no complaints.

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