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05-28-2010, 06:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Rexor View Post

I don't know how can anyone have any problems with this.
Mental strentgh and determination are certainly among the traits that help your team in OT or SO but I stick to my belief that these situations can ultimately go either way, especially against strong teams like Finland, Sweden or Canada. Old Man Jags offered some good examples of that.
You can help luck along but ultimately if you don't have it, even good teams can lose. Look at the quarter final that the Czechs lost against the US on penalties at the world champtionship in Prague. Hit the post twice I think? While I take Freaky Euro's point that penalties have to o with skills, there is also lots of luck involved as the players themselves always say. How often have you heard a hockey player (or a football player for that matter) say that a penalty shootout is a lottery?

The Golden Generation was golden but nobody can say they dids not have a little bit of well deserved luck as well. Much like there were years when a Czech team was very unlucky. But history only remembers results a few years later.

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