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05-28-2010, 07:29 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by LyNX27 View Post
Speed allows you to be a lot of different things in hockey. With speed you can be useful a number of different ways, but with a shot for example you can only be good at one thing... shooting.

Speed allows you to cut through the ice with the puck opening up a lot of space for team mates which can make you a good play-maker, if you have any defensive skills you can excel on the PK.

This guy has shooting which is very sporadic at best, it's hard but really lacks the accuracy.
torts ruined the kid.

did he play great ? nope. did he look lost occasionally ? yup. did he score enough ? nope. but the same could be said for many guys last season. torts pretty much stuck with those guys though, yet with ringo- torts seemed to need to make an example out of him and in doing so, he assured that the kid would not succeed.

torts the clown got in his head and changed the way he played. criticized him to the media. mocked him, benched him, embarassed him, healthy scratched him and eventually made it so the kid couldnt do any of the things he excelled at with phoenix the year before- primarily, use his speed and his shot.

you dont try to change the way a kid plays, you maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. torts did the opposite. you could see lisin wasnt reacting but over thinking. eventually he was trying to do too much which resulted in doing nothing. he was gripping the stick so tight, you could see it. he never looked relaxed. who could knowing that could be your last shift of the game and last game for a week ?

torts gave him no minutes. played him with stiffs on the 4th line. gave him no pp time. no pk time. told him to play defense and backcheck-which he did do and ended up with a respectable -1 overall, scolded him for every little mistake he made and then ended up not even playing him.

then they waived him. imo, they gave up on him waaaayyyyy too soon. he deserved better. he deserved a better chance and more than 50 games of getting jerked around.

in the end, the kids confidence was shot. torts ruined him.


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