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05-28-2010, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by DougHarvey View Post
He's probably speaking about the teams inflation. We know how their property taxes
are through the roof and always going up.I also believe they have a new water tax
this year.

All this to say, someone has to pay for the Sunbelt teams
Any increase in property tax is far too marginal to have an effect on ticket prices imo. If property taxes go up, we're looking at increase of 6 figures max (even though the total may be 7 or 8 figures long). (ex: 8 Million + 10% increase = 800K). $800K is a piss in an ocean.

Originally Posted by angry pirate View Post
Blaming it on the economy and blaming it on inflation are separate issues. Inflation is just a single aspect of what our economy encompasses. If we say inflation is 3% which actually might be understating it a bit this year but it is the accepted average for a usual year. Than they are raising ticket prices by about 3% as profit. What the Molson's mean by saying they are raising based on the economy is; During a recession people are less likely to spend their disposable income and more likely too save it. It appears that we may be on our way out of this recession so as people start to tone down saving and begin to spend more we'll see prices begin to rise. It won't just be ticket prices. We've seen massive sales almost year round at lots of different stores, those are going to start winding down too. Molson's are predicting that people are going to be willing to spend more of their disposable income next year and have raised ticket prices accordingly. It sucks for us, but it's normal. I'm middle class but paid 325 bucks for a 100 (estimate, can't remember the exact price) dollar playoff ticket. so them raising the prices by 3% makes sense.
But, again, for the 10th time ( ) ticket prices are NOT going up by 3%. A poster noted above how his grey's are going up by 6.67%, quite possible that increases are even higher for other sections.

I don't blame them for raising prices, but I don't know why they are trying to make an excuse for it. I guess they rather make the fans think that they have "no choice" by blaming it on the "growth of the economy".

As for our economy picking up steam - I am not too convinced. I haven't been following the news very much lately, but what I do see are equity markets falling big time, and this includes Canadian stocks. Again, I don't follow the news lately, but if we want to use stocks as an indicator - I don't see why we should be so confident that the economy will be stronger next year. If someone can chime in and inform me of why there'll be growth I'd appreciate it.

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