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05-28-2010, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by habhater View Post
RFA players with similar point production have signed for less in past years

Brandon Dubinsky/41 PTS 2 years at 1.8M
LaRose/31 PTS 2 years at 1.7M
and callahan/40 PTS 2 years 2.3 M

We cant overpay him just because he threatens to go to the KHL
Perfect comparison. I've always though this guy's max range would be between 1.75-2.25, exactly within the parameters of comparable guys like you've mentioned, though Kulemin probably has more offensive upside than all those.

Grabovski is worth 3 million. He put up 50 points in his rookie season and could only improve. He was also on pace for about as much this season.

This is just really too bad. I think Kulemin was our best forward pretty much every game last year. This would be a huge loss for us. Kulemin arguably slots in as one of our top-six forwards, and he's got that immense two-way game, something we lack in our others - Stalberg, Kessel, etc... and it's not like we would get any significant return if he decides he wants to sign in the KHL.

I was thinking earlier this month maybe we could take advantage of this guy's RFA year and give him a Grebeshkov like contract. Grebeshkov had quite a dominant year the year before last with Edmonton and got a one year, 3.15 million dollar contract, maybe we could give Kulemin a one year and burn the final year of his RFA eligibility while giving him closer to what he, or his agent, wants, but only for one year, so his performance and it's effect on the cap is negligible if not lived up to anyways.

Of anything that happens this season I just hope that Kulemin gets signed. Even the return for Kaberle interests me less... my absolute favorite player on this team and I'm saddened that news is coming out like this, really saddened. He really adds to the identity of this team. Seems to be able to knock guys off the puck at will, has shown glimpses of vision, and has a blistering shot I think we haven't seen near the best of. Really compliments our more skill players off the wing. He's definitely capable of scoring 20-25 goals next season.

I really don't know what to say, other than who could possibly replace this guy? And a replacement would be necessary as he does arguably represent a large part of our top-six and guys like Stalberg/Caputi definitely won't be able to produce/perform up to par to him. Man, **** this guy what an *******. Who knows what's happening behind the scenes, may be blown out of proportion, it's the SUN anyways, the media in general... but a direct quote from Burke exclaiming that it's at a level at which he's not ready to pay, that's ridiculous man. Could we see another Moore scenario here? Jesus, what a bunch of losers man. We've got the cap now fools... you can't just ask for whatever....

Here's a link that may put this into perspective....

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