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05-28-2010, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
We've missed on both talent and "safe" picks. Pouliot had tons of talent, as did Voloshenko. Gillies and Sheppard were both "safe" picks.

How many Russians have the Wild drafted that stuck in the NHL? Here's a hint, you don't need any fingers to count them.

How many Russians have the Wild drafted that have bolted back to the Motherland? Yes, it's greater than zero.

Have the Wild ever drafted a North American who became a successful NHL'er? That's a yes.

So as horrible as the Wild has been in the draft, we've never drafted a decent Russian player who didn't run back home to mama.

Tarasenko, Burmistov, and especially Kabanov all have question marks as to where they will play in the next couple years. Radulov and Filatov have fled back home, Kulikov has stated he will do so if not guaranteed ice time and a roster what point do you just give up on Russians that aren't a sure thing?
I believe we've drafted exactly one Russian north of the 5th round, and it only takes one hand to count all of them through round 9. And it turns out that the above the 5th was a top prospect until his personal issues likely unrelated to being homesick. We've never really given Russians a chance, nor have we drafted more than one that had a decent shot to start with.

Oh, and although he's technically not a Russian, we're close to having a draftee play in the NHL for a while.

Tarasenko and Burmistrov are about as safe as you can get for Russian players. I'm sick of drafting "safe" players. It's getting us nowhere. Let's try for a home run for a change.

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