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Originally Posted by SeaToby View Post
Talk today the last Friday in May suggest by the end of the first week of June the IHL may merge with the CHL, at least in some fashion as their are different league rules to work out. With Amarillo and Corpus Christi welcoming the NAHL, most of the weak teams have folded, although we are waiting on the situation with the Arizona Sundogs which the CHL is attempting to sale...

Broomfield has converted its arena to concerts and probably won't be resurrected. Rio Rancho is also welcoming the NAHL. Beaumont has a fairly new arena, but its ECHL franchise folded with a winning season.

There is talk with the IHL-CHL merger an expansion club may move into Saint Charles's arena, while I haven't given up with Des Moines. With the Quad Cities in the IHL-CHL picture, Des Moines may be a good location for a AA club. All the cities further north of Independence have USHL teams it seems. The CHL has been avoiding those areas in the past. There might be some movement to place a club in Evansville..

Even the AHL is being hurt by the recession, a few clubs not drawing well. I don't see how Lowell and Worchester survive... I believe they are both too close to Boston.
Des Moines has the Des Moines Buccaneers in the USHL, I don't think the CHL would do well there.

Has Evansville started building their arena yet? The AAHL team was going to be an IHL expansion team after its built.

I haven't heard of a CHL or IHL team coming back to St. Charles in a few years now, I know the latest is Lindenwood Univ. is looking into aquiring the Family Arena. The county wants to sell it or trade it to the university but recently talks were halted by LU's Board. My guess is they will in time once the university is approved into NCAA DII and longterm plans to move to DI.

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