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05-29-2010, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by sbkbghockey View Post
70s are a lot different from today! There's not as much sticks coming up as people think and right now when it does it's not a big deal but when your star player is spilling blood all over the ice it's going to be a bigger deal. shots are a lot harder now with extensive training, new lighter stick tech, etc... and those lighter sticks are awesome for shots, controlling the puck, etc.. but they also tend to break a lot easier than wood. Another thing- teams like Nodak and some of the larger hockey schools have extensive training staff and team doctors but some of the smaller schools and DIII schools don't have nearly as much resources to cover extra doctors, dental work, and other facial injuries.
I understand your arguement totally but I am just old school and it's hard for me to change that. Just the way it will be with me.

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