Thread: Speculation: Salary Cap To Go Up By $2 Million
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05-29-2010, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
Kovalchuk is about as equivalent to Gaborik as it comes.

If I told you we could add another another Gaborik to this team, without any injury concerns and without giving up any assets, for $2m more than Gaborik makes (likely less than that), is there honestly anyone who wouldn't at least make an attempt to bring that player in?

Gaboriks (if healthy and playing) and Kovalchuks are not crippling contracts, even at the high salary they demand. They create their own offense and make players around them better.
Paying a lot for a guy like Drury who cannot create anything on his own is where you find a crippling contract.

Exactly. Crosby and Malkin. Ovechkin and Backstrom. Those are good contracts.

Plus, here's another take on Kovalchuk: putting him on a line with rookies or youngsters makes their transition into the NHL easier.

Kovalchuk is low maintenance. He doesnt need a playmaker. He doesnt need protection. He doesnt need home run passes. This guy creates his own chances, even moreso than Gaborik.

More attention to Kovalchuk means less focus on his linemates. It's a great scenario to be in if you are a developing youngster like Grachev or Stepan or Anisimov etc.

Lastly, Drury and Rosie come off the books in two years. Kovy's cap hit wont hurt as much as we think, at least long term.

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