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05-29-2010, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by NYSportsfan6230 View Post
But I'm sure management believes that this is the closest they've been to a competitive team in a long while, that maybe that one big move will put them over the top. With LA amount of money is not the issue, it's just a matter of willingness to spend the money, like you said, but given their gradual improvement... and a good core of young stars in place, they may change their philosophy and make that one move they feel will put them over the top, and I believe they will be very much in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes.

I think that these are Kovalchuk's most likely destinations, in order of most likely to least likely:

Los Angeles
New Jersey

Frankly, as much as I want the Rangers to get Kovalchuk, I can necessarily put them in the mix as of now because I am not sure Sather has the gall to ship Redden to the minors. Should Redden be demoted/traded for patatoes, then that is a signal to me that Sather is making a major push to get Kovy. I am not sure if I'd put NY ahead of LA, but he will make it really close (again all based on the unlikely premise that Redden is disposed of).
I don't understand why people are so uncertain that Sather is going to be willing to bury Redden. Sather's shown he's willing to make multi-million dollar player disappear. See Holik, Bobby; Kasparitis, Darius.

The young core in LA may also hurt an attempt to sign a superstar. Unlike the Rangers, we don't have young players on entry level deals that are going to be paid like stars in the future. LA is going to have to pay Doughty and Johnson sooner rather than later. Doughty's making ~$2m now, and unless he gives a discount, is going to be making $7m+ within a couple of year.

EDIT: And I'm not saying LA won't sign him, I'm just saying it's far from a definite, and with $2m more for the Rangers to play with, much less likely today than it was two days ago.

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