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03-13-2005, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Schlep Rock
I was recently at a high school game in Rhode Island which saw one kid receive five, count 'em, five penalties for either roughing, elbowing, high sticking, or unsportsmanlike conduct (mixed bag).

The opposing fans were silent as this kid was running around attacking players while the other teams fans (and players, and coaches) were furious. One fan yelled to the officials, "you're missing a good game and somebody is going to get killed" which led to the ref turning and laughing.

Needless to say the opposing team lost and the following day it was reported the student was suspended from school for 10-days (maximum in RI) for his conduct and the two referees have been suspended for the remainder of the playoffs.

No reason that junk should've went on but sadly, it did. A bad call, ok, it happens. But to allow this kid to remain in the game? Ah yes, to add... one concussion (mild) and one player with breathing problems after taking an elbow to the throat (didn't return to game but was fine after).
The player had penalties assessed to him. I don't see why the referees got suspended (why in the hell would that be released to the media anyway?). They called the penalties, did they not? Hell, suspending the player from school for what happens during a game is asinine in itself.

If some fan yelled something like that at me, I'd probably laugh too.

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