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05-29-2010, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by EricG View Post
The NHLPA wouldn't agree to this - there is no reason for them to agree to LIMIT their players' freedom. Why would the NHLPA agree to this? Many NHLers want to play in the World Hockey Championships, particularly European players.

It has no chance of happening.

And, as someone has pointed out, Hockey Canada and USA Hockey are not NHL-run but part of the IIHF. With the WHC being their "premiere" event, there is no chance that these two national bodies would pull out of the WHC because the communications director at the IIHF wrote a meanie article.

This talk also shows HUGE disrespect for the other nations, particularly those outside the top 10, who are constantly struggling to improve the quality of hockey in their own countries, and who desperately need this kind of event to allow for development.

Removing Canadian, American, and NHL participation from the WHC would hurt everyone - except the team owners who are more concerned with keeping their high-paid employees healthy enough to work.

Anyone who supports this idea is not a hockey fan, plain and simple. Canadians who are talking like this should be ashamed of themselves. Go enjoy your Atlanta vs. Dallas hockey games and leave the rest of us true hockey fans alone. Stop trying to change what we love and you don't care about in the first place.

Bettman and Burke sound like the typical "Ugly American", except they are being obnoxious and ignorant from the comfort of their own country.
The NHL may want to go to Sochi in 2014 but that doesn't mean they won't use it as a bargaining chip. At the same time a World Cup is in the NHL and NHLPA's interest, and thus I wouldn't be surprised to see a quadrennial tournament formalized in the next CBA. Is it crazy to think the NHLPA would agree to no World Championship participation in Olympic and World Cup years? Maybe, but then again who thought they'd ever agree to a salary cap either.

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