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05-30-2010, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by yunost View Post
This is kind of a dumb threat. It seems that there are lots of isolated NHL fans that have problems understanding that team USA and Canada are not suited up by the NHL. Hockey Canada, and USA Hockey are not NHL, but rather are full members of the IIHF, therefore, they actually wouldnt even consider the dumb suggestion of not having representatives at an event there members of.
Frankly it has nothing to do with the NHL boycott of the WHC, because that is a different organization, and the 2 hockey federations would still suit up a team - there is no reason not to.
Seems to me that some people are just upset that they performed so bad at this event, since this would probably not have been asked after Canada won gold.

Having the NHL boycott the games also sounds kind of stupid especially now.
1) It is an honor to be part of/represent your national team, mores(for some people) than your NHL club.
2) Canada represents 50% of NHL players while USA 25%. There are 14 teams that just physically will not play in the playoffs thats plenty of players avalable. I have no idea what Bettman is blabbing about with the 'tired' risking olympic players, but im pretty sure there are dozens of Canadian/American players not in the olympics that would be Happy to play for their country.
3) Finally you -cant- really stop NHL players right now from playing in international events like WC.

For example, Ovechkin signed a 10 year contract at the time NHL -WAS- participating at the international event. So he put his signature there expecting to play for his national team. Having the NHL stop him play would be a breach of contract. You cant just change the terms midway. Same goes for anyone else. Be it Crosby or Parise.

I dont understand this leash that the NHL wants around each player's is hockey
Hockey Canada has withdrawn from the IWHC in the past and your point about Ovy's contract is wrong. Even if it is a 10 year contract it will still be subject to the new collective agreement and if the new CA barred NHLers from participating then there would be no breach of contract.

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