Thread: Speculation: Salary Cap To Go Up By $2 Million
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05-30-2010, 06:27 AM
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My team for next year, "NYR style";

1. Sign Kovalchuk for 9.095m USD and 8-10 years. 10K more then what AO is making.
2. Trade Anisimov, Gilroy, Rozsival and two 1st for Vincent AKA "Vinny the Cowboy" LeCavalier.
3. Resign Prospal for 2.5m per.
4. Dump Redden, its warrented.
5. Resign Anders "Warrior" Eriksson

Grachev (0.9m)-Prospal (2.5m)-Gaborik (7.5m)//Grachev could concentrate on his strengths -- his play along the boards. Don't worry, Prospal would make it work; thats what we are paying him for. Everything would center around Gabby anyway on this line.
Kovalchuk (9.095m)-Stephan (0.9m)-Dubinsky (1.9m)//Kovalchuk would be the shooter. Stephan the playmaker. Dubinsky as a natural center would be of big assistance for Stephan. Both Kova and Dubi are good at going deep and taking the puck up ice, there would be zero problem having a unexperienced center on this line.
Drury (7.05m)-LeCavalier (7.7m)-MZA (0.9m)//LeCavalier is very good on faceoffs and pretty strong defensively. So is Drury. This line would be awesome to put out there late in games et c. MZA takes MSLs role as running shootgun for Vinny.
Avery (1.9m)-Callahan (2.3m)-Shelley (.7m)//This line would be a asset for sure.

The plot: Four very well balanced lines to take some heat of our D's. We could hammer any team for 60 minutes.

Staal (3.5m)-Sanguinetti (0.85m)//Are you kidding me? Of course Sangs can play in 20 minutes a night in this role.
MDZ (1.087m)-Girardi (1.5m)//OK D pairing.
McDonaugh (.9m)-Eriksson (.5m)//I am sure McD could handle a 6th D role.

Henrik "King" Lundqvist (6.875m)

PP unit (We might as well call it the nr 1 PP unit in the league right away.):
Drury-Gabby//Would work down low.
Kovalchuk-MDZ-LeCavalier//The threesome in the umbrella. Some firepower Id say.

Payroll: It would work.

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