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09-30-2003, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's Russian. And it's just a little early to say that he's everything that the M&M boys should have been, isn't it? I mean, so far Tyutin has not proved a blessed thing. All he really had is an impressive half a game.
How different he is remains to be determined. There were rumors last year that his attitude in camp was not the best. That while players like Lundmark seemed to be actively trying to get better, Tyutin looked a little content with himself. And let's recall that his camp last year was a little unimpressive. There were also something in the wind right after the Rangers drafted him that said that he has tendencies to take games off and only play when he wants to. His play was termed as inconsistent. The fact that up to the last half of the Boston game, Tyutin's camp was once again thoroughly unimpressive did not help his case.
That's where the stigma comes from for me. He SEEMS like he has all the tools to be a VERY GOOD #2 d-man in the league. He has size, speed, a strong shot, and is not unwilling to take the body. He LOOKS like at the top end, he could be everything that the Ambiguously Defenseless Russian Duo SHOULD have been. Wether or not he lives up to those expectation or becomes just another player whose potential is largely unfullfilled (a la the Russian twins) is up to him.

First off, I never meant to infer that he has proven anything at the NHL level so sorry if you thought that is what I meant. I understand that he has much to prove as all these prospects do and I'm not gushing over him because of one pre-season game performance. I'll be the first to tell everyone that pre-season means very little.

These rumors you talk of are just that, RUMORS. You know how much credence I lend to rumors? Absolutely 0%. Everybody on here wants talk how the way this team handles its prospects undermines their psyche and ruins them. Well, what the hell do you think that rumors do to a young players psyche? Neither you nor I were on the ice during practices or training camp. The only one's that were are the coaches and other players and I haven't heard word one from them about his indifference on the ice or his attitude.

The guy is what? 20 years old? And you don't expect him to be a little unimpressive in his first two camps at the NHL when he's missed most of this past season and has had no North American professional experience? In fact, the only thing I've heard from the team is that he might've been a little tentative or overwhelmed by the experience. To me that's understandable. And I've never heard of a 20 year old having a problem with consistency. It also seems that every time a player under performs that fans and the like want to claim that he didn't show up or isn't trying out there. Sometimes that can be further from the truth. Honestly I don't know what the case is with Tjutin because I haven't played a game with him or coached him and those are truly the only people that could/should lay that stigma on him. Until they do so, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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