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05-30-2010, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducksgo View Post
I made my own goal out of PVC pipe and cut them down to regulation size. You can always buy the netting with sleeves that the pipes go into from Mylec. People are spending over 100 bucks for hockey goals when you can simply make one out of strong pvc pipe for a mere 5-10$ and just buy the netting for around 20$. I do slaps, snaps, and hard wrists. Hit the post MANY of times but the pipe won't budge or break.
My brother used to work on a garbage truck and he found regulation hockey net in decent condition ( no rips) so we made our own net out of square 2 inch metal pipe. I think it was lying around on our farm, we just cut it up and welded it. It was a pretty ugly net, all square (we didn't have a pipe bender) but it worked well. I think it ended up in the bottom of our pond because we forgot to take it off before the ice melted, there must be about 5 hockey nets down there from over the years

Oh and I find PVC nets are annoying because they break with hockey pucks (the ones I have shot on anyways) and they move around when I shoot.

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